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CFB snub

AustinWardAustinWard Posts: 118 mod
I was absolutely shocked sitting in the Woody on Sunday at 12:30. For all of you, how would you describe that moment seeing Alabama go up at No. 4?


  • PotatodiggerPotatodigger Posts: 336 Junior
    I didn't watch live because I was at church. But when I heard, I was pretty stunned. The part that doesn't sit well with me is this:

    Last week, Kirby Hocutt said that in the Committee's view there was "very little separation" between Alabama and Ohio State. Okay. The Buckeyes then beat the team who the Committee ranked as the fourth best team. And, in the process, the Buckeyes won a conference championship. Meanwhile, Alabama did nothing and the team that just beat Alabama got housed in the SEC championship game. Also, for what it's worth, Fresno State lost, thus removing one of Alabama's "quality" (lol) wins over a ranked opponent.

    That would seem to anyone with a brain to be the "separation" that was lacking last week. But no. This week the Committee says that Alabama is "unequivocally better" than Ohio State. What?!

  • AustinWardAustinWard Posts: 118 mod
    Yeah, completely agree. I have a number of problems with what the committee did on Sunday, as you all may have heard. But that's one of the biggest issues: You can't believe anything they say about it, and the lack of credibility threatens to ruin the whole enterprise.
  • jaydubjaydub Posts: 40 Sophomore
    While I had hopes the Buckeyes would be in when they did not win convincingly I figured it was an even more of an uphill battle. The 2 losses and even last years performance in the playoffs hurt their image. 
    Having said that the whole razor thin margin to not even close when Bama didn't even play made little sense.
    Obviously they felt the BIG was just not that good this year.
    We need to go out and win the bowl games and get our rep back up.
  • KidBuckeyeKidBuckeye Posts: 28 Freshman
    Games on ESPN played a role in the decision IMO. Also putting Auburn up against the weakest team in the BIG bowls for an easy win so the SEC keeps their bowl record looking good.

    Hears to the SEC losing the rest of the bowl games.
  • MeekMeek Posts: 35 Freshman
    I was driving to a cheer competition, pulled over at BGSU to eat and had ESPN radio on. That pause was probably longer for me just listening to the audio, but in that moment, I felt sure they would say Ohio State. When they then said Alabama, I was bewildered. Also, hearing about Herbie walking off the set as the audio cut back to the XM show broadcasters made it a bit more surreal.
  • BuckeyeKnightBuckeyeKnight Posts: 205 Junior
    edited December 2017
    I realize this probably isn't the popular opinion, but I never thought we looked like a playoff team this season.  It's been disappointing.  I'm happy for the BIG Championship, but this team had a lot of talent wasted this season.  Honestly, neither we nor Bama (their schedule SUCKED) really deserve a spot in the playoff, but they had to pick someone.

    On one hand, the playoff system really has made all bowls outside of the playoff feel meaningless to me.  On another, I really don't want the 2017 Buckeyes playing Clemson.  We had a better team last season.  I hope Bama gets curbstomped.
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