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No recruiting post tonight?

so_amaysnso_amaysn Posts: 28 Freshman
Any word on Birm, I noticed there's no recruiting article and I can't find any of his post? Everything ok?


  • so_amaysnso_amaysn Posts: 28 Freshman
    Disregard, got the scoop. 
  • PotatodiggerPotatodigger Posts: 336 Junior
  • CoastalBuckeyeCoastalBuckeye Posts: 11 Freshman
    What happened? Haven't seen anything. 
  • PotatodiggerPotatodigger Posts: 336 Junior
    What happened? Haven't seen anything. 
    He left this website. Announced on Twitter that he was going somewhere else, but didn't say where. He commented on a forum post over at Eleven Warriors and indicated that he wasn't happy here and that is why he left. People are speculating that he is either going to a paywall site or striking off on his own. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.
  • PotatodiggerPotatodigger Posts: 336 Junior
    I found it kind of interesting that he just disappeared from this site without saying anything. For those that are wondering, here is his comment on the Eleven Warriors message board:
    Thanks everyone for the (mostly) kind words. 
    I will be continuing to work covering recruiting, and I hope that I'll get to do it my way. I enjoyed my time at Land of 10 but in recent months I've felt less and less optimistic about the general direction of the site and was approached back in September with a chance to do things a little bit differently than I ever have, which I finally decided to say "yes" to. 
    I was a bit reluctant to make a move but ultimately you have to feel happy where you work, and as some of you seem to have surmised, I've felt a bit less chipper in recent times. Money is one thing, community is another, but in truth, what matters is being proud of the place your work can be found.
    I'm looking forward to a new challenge and a new opportunity and hope that those of you who split your time between 11W and L10 will consider joining me on what's next. It won't be easy, but I think it will be worth it for me. I know I'll feel better, at least.
    Thanks again for all your support in the last few years. 

  • CoastalBuckeyeCoastalBuckeye Posts: 11 Freshman
    Huh. By his last few sentences it sounds like a paywall may be involved.  Hope I can continue to follow him wherever he turns up.  Thanks PD!
  • PotatodiggerPotatodigger Posts: 336 Junior
    In case anyone is still interested, Birm landed at a website called the Athletic. I had never heard of it before. Apparently, it is a subscription-based national sports website, so everything is behind a pay wall.

    I started following Birm when I stumbled upon his work at Eleven Warriors. He was the reason I joined that site. I followed Birm here when he left. Incidentally, when he announced his plans to leave that site, I made the following comment on the post announcing his landing spot:
    I am just happy that Birm didn't land behind a paywall.
    Soon we'll have two great options for free recruiting coverage.

    To which he replied:

    That is something that was very important to me. I wouldn't have moved to a site that was behind a paywall.

    I guess a lot can change in a year and a half. I certainly don't begrudge Birm for going the paywall route. He's got to do what's best for him. He is great at what he does and I am sure that he will do well there. But this is where I stop following him. There is too much good free coverage out there that I cannot justify paying for content. Eleven Warriors has hired a good replacement for Birm and that is where I will get most of my recruiting coverage going forward. And I will, of course, keep an eye on this site to see who they get to fill Birm's shoes.

    On the off chance Birm is reading this, thanks for keeping me informed the past three years. Your recruiting coverage has been top notch. Best of luck at your new home.

  • AustinWardAustinWard Posts: 118 mod
    Ryan and I are both really going to miss working with Birm, obviously. He's an incredible resource, great teammate and a hard worker, so I know the Athletic is getting a good one. Those are big shoes to fill, but Land of 10 is certainly going to try to fill that void with our recruiting coverage. Hang with us in the transition -- our bosses are still very much committed to devoting resources to the Ohio State beat, and Ryan and I want it to remain some of the best there is in Columbus.
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