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How can the basketball team get your attention

sb97sb97 Posts: 79 Freshman
I remember back in Matta's first year people were mildly interested in the team up until they upset Illinois.  The next season, people were starting to pay closer attention.  What do you think Holtmann and co need to do to spark interest?  Is there a game on this years schedule that could help them?  Is it a scheduling thing?  Recruiting?

Side note: I am well aware that interest in basketball usually picks up after football season.  Even so, this year people seem even more ambivalent than usual. 


  • jaydubjaydub Posts: 40 Sophomore
    I think it really just has to do with the all the stuff that's gone on the last couple years. I'd probably get more interested as the team keeps improving. With stepping up in competition this weekend it should be interesting to see how they respond. 
  • jumarjumar Posts: 281 Junior
    Heart. The last few years the team seemed to have no heart and wouldn't give their full effort. If the team plays as hard as they can every game i will be more apt to tune into games. I love basketball, but cannot stand watching teams just go through the motions.
  • RayRetselRayRetsel Posts: 7 Freshman
    Fire Thad Matta!!!!!
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