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How about that targeting call on Ward?

GullyFoyleGullyFoyle Posts: 44 Freshman
One of the worst calls I've ever seen. AND THEN IT WAS UPHELD!


  • BuckeyeNickBuckeyeNick Posts: 163 Junior
    That was complete BS. Not as a fan, but no way it was targeting.  
  • jaydubjaydub Posts: 40 Sophomore
    I think if he tackled him instead of just hitting him it's not called. Just wrap the arms around him intead of striking. The hit was great but that seems to be what they are trying to eliminate.
  • PotatodiggerPotatodigger Posts: 336 Junior
    I don't like the rule. But Ward's hit was targeting under the rule. 
  • PotatodiggerPotatodigger Posts: 336 Junior
    Out of curiosity, which element of the rule do you think is missing: (a) Ward led with his shoulder; (b) he thrusted forward or upward from a crouching position; (c) he made forcible contact to the head or neck area of the receiver; or (d) the receiver was a defenseless player.

    There's no intent-to-injure element. And any doubt is resolved in favor of calling the penalty. 
  • GullyFoyleGullyFoyle Posts: 44 Freshman
    Well they got it right on the review of the review but it shouldn't have got past the first review.
  • HowFirmHowFirm Posts: 4 Freshman
    Could not believe they upheld the call
  • KidBuckeyeKidBuckeye Posts: 28 Freshman
    Kinda leaning to a rule change  that has the player ejected after 2 targeting calls with a whole game suspension and not just a half game.

    Especially if they keep making the wrong call on the first targeting.
  • KnowmadzKnowmadz Posts: 41 Freshman
    It really makes you worry about the quality of the people in the booth. No excuse after further review.
  • AustinWardAustinWard Posts: 118 mod
    If that was targeting on Denzel Ward against Maryland, how in the world was that hit on Parris Campbell not flagged? That's my biggest problem with the rule -- it's not consistently applied, and even the reviews get it wrong sometimes.
  • ddeck25ddeck25 Posts: 6 Freshman
    You got BBQ.....and you didn't invite me....Hurt....My....Feelings
  • AustinWardAustinWard Posts: 118 mod
    Maybe the lack of an invitation was what it made a *personal* foul. Very rude -- and a very lame joke, sorry. I'm frustrated every week to not know what's actually going to be called for targeting though.
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