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Dumbest Thing You've Bought For Your Kids?

PotatodiggerPotatodigger Posts: 336 Junior
edited October 2017 in General
I just bought my girls something called an "LOL Surprise! Big Surprise" for $70. My girls have been into these LOL Surprise! dolls for about a year and, apparently, this "Big Surprise" is going to be this year's hot Christmas toy for little girls (and not-smart parents). They are sold out all over online, but I found a couple at my local Walmart so I grabbed them just in case.

Kids these days. Why can't they play with G.I. Joes and Garbage Pail Kids like normal kids?


  • PotatodiggerPotatodigger Posts: 336 Junior
    For those of you lucky enough to have not experienced an LOL Surprise! doll, here is what the "Big Surprise" looks like:

    It's basically just a bunch of stuff for kids to unwrap (50 things to be exact). Dolls, clothes and charms.
  • sb97sb97 Posts: 79 Freshman
    Saw that in the store the other day.  Those things are huge. 
  • WouldWould Posts: 132 Sophomore
    A zune media player......inorite?
  • HowFirmHowFirm Posts: 4 Freshman
    anything that makes noise
  • PotatodiggerPotatodigger Posts: 336 Junior
    HowFirm said:
    anything that makes noise
    But it's always fun to get someone else's kid something really loud and obnoxious. 
  • AustinWardAustinWard Posts: 118 mod
    I love getting noisemakers for my nieces -- but I think karma is about to arrive now that we have a young one and our family can return the favor.
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