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Thursday, Sept. 27 Recruiting Mailbag

Hey guys, taking questions for this week's mailbag.

What's on your mind?


  • XtremeBuckeye44XtremeBuckeye44 Posts: 23 Freshman
    Are there any "diamond in the rough" type recruits to keep an eye on?
  • PotatodiggerPotatodigger Posts: 336 Junior
    Let's cut right to the chase: Is football recruiting as corrupt as basketball recruiting? 
  • RicKindaRicKinda Posts: 9 Freshman
    What will be the highest priority position group for the 2019 recruiting class?  Such as the D line in the 2018 class and DB’s in the 2017 class.  
  • XtremeBuckeye44XtremeBuckeye44 Posts: 23 Freshman
    Say we were to lose Emory to Bama, would that honestly hurt us that much since we have Tate waiting behind Haskins and Burrow? 
  • Buckeyeguy87Buckeyeguy87 Posts: 25 Freshman
    Any reason to be nervous about the defensive end haul? 
  • 440Buck440Buck Posts: 5 Freshman
    1. Who are top targets left in the 2018 class for hoops and how is that list effected by the FBI/NCAA thing? 

    2. If you were a betting man, who do you think rounds out this class on the defensive line and offensive line? 
  • MikeDoss2foreverMikeDoss2forever Posts: 36 Freshman
    If I'm a 4 or 5 star WR sell me on why i'd consider tOSU?  
  • GullyFoyleGullyFoyle Posts: 44 Freshman
    If I'm a 4 or 5 star WR sell me on why i'd consider tOSU?  
     Burrow, Haskins, Martell
  • MikeDoss2foreverMikeDoss2forever Posts: 36 Freshman
    So.  In an Urban Meyer offense a WR doesn’t get more then 35-40 catches per year. I don’t care who the QB is.  I’d love for him to switch to a Pro Style O but Mich winning a Natty again in my lifetime is more likely.  
  • MikeDoss2foreverMikeDoss2forever Posts: 36 Freshman
    I’m fine with running the football with JK and Weber 30-40 Times a game and playing great D. We will win a lot of games with this formula. The talent is there to do it. 
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