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NCAA/FBI coming down hard today...


  • WouldWould Posts: 132 Sophomore
    Im with ya Birm, i get the feeling a whole lot more is gonna come out. It seems any school affiliated with Addidas will get looked at closely
  • GullyFoyleGullyFoyle Posts: 44 Freshman
    edited September 2017
    I think most of us realize this isn't just BBall and it isn't just Addidas. Both football and BBall are awash in payments.
  • BuckeyeKnightBuckeyeKnight Posts: 205 Junior
    Methinks the FBI and IRS could find decades worth of crap if they examined college sports.
  • BuckeyeNickBuckeyeNick Posts: 163 Junior
    Have a feeling this one is going to be going on for awhile from now.  I doubt Louisville get a hand slap this time.  Just reading into this more and it his the Wow factor.
  • jaydubjaydub Posts: 40 Sophomore
    I imagine people at Nike and UA are probably wondering if they're next. 
    The whole system from AAJ on up has stunk for a long time
  • BuckeyeNickBuckeyeNick Posts: 163 Junior
    jaydub said:
    I imagine people at Nike and UA are probably wondering if they're next. 
    The whole system from AAJ on up has stunk for a long time
    I was wondering the same thing myself.  Can't just be Adidas. Just a couple years ago schools signed with Adidas were a joke and now their presence seems a lot more acceptable in collegiate sports. 
  • WouldWould Posts: 132 Sophomore
    Nice job on the dots for Weaver @Birm top notch stuff dude.

  • osu22osu22 Posts: 9 Freshman
    Birm, were you talking about Jarrett Guarantano on dotting the eyes tonight?
  • WouldWould Posts: 132 Sophomore
    Okay folks 2 decommits from Louisville and I am sure the deck is getting shuffled more with the 6 "known" schools. Kids and families will want to create distance, with all the playing time available we have a legit shot to get better fast.
    Also its pretty horific right now on every Louisville blog/forum/website if you like car crashes.
  • WouldWould Posts: 132 Sophomore
    Alabama administrator resigns and the FBI supoenaed Nike's EYBL grassroots program tonight for continuance of an investigation.
    This pretty much flips the lid off everything if this is a widespread vendor driven conspiracy.
     And don't mistake this for anything other than another way to exploit these kids as its just **** "advisors" and corrupt coaches taking a cut of the kids earning potential.
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