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Kamryn Babb...

There are rumors out there that he has suffered a knee injury that may cost him his senior year. 

I don't like to talk about kids and personal stuff like injuries, but know it's out there and that his recruitment by Ohio State won't be affected. 


  • PotatodiggerPotatodigger Posts: 336 Junior
    edited August 2017
    With the Michael Hill rumor being confirmed by Meyer and now this rumor being tentatively confirmed by you, any word on the Coach Mick rumor? Is he really headed to the NFL?

    I figure we might as well resolve the trilogy of preseason rumors all together.
  • 710710 Posts: 170 Junior
    Talk us off the ledge Birm,... 

    We need to know about Coach Mick!! 
  • QuadCitiesBuckeyeQuadCitiesBuckeye Posts: 147 Junior
    How about they take Dave Richardson instead?
  • DJDFDJDF Posts: 111 Junior
    The article states that he missed games from an injury his junior year as well, but I don't see if it was knee anywhere. Let's hope it wasn't, it's good that it won't affect his recruitment but we've seen what recurring injuries can do to good players. Terrible that the kid has to experience that before his final season in high school. Hoping for a commitment to the good guys soon enough and a full recovery, and that guys like him, Grimes, Nick Bosa, and Dobbins can show that our players can really bounce back from high school injuries. 
  • hammerthrowerhammerthrower Posts: 23 Freshman
    Wish the kidba speedy recovery . I think you definitely have to note the injury as a jr as wel even if it's was or was not a knee . Hopefully with Mick he can get to where these injuries are behind him 
  • QuadCitiesBuckeyeQuadCitiesBuckeye Posts: 147 Junior
    I think you definitely have to note the injury as a jr as wel even if it's was or was not a knee
    Meaning what, exactly - pull the offer b/c they got hurt? That would be asinine, sometimes "stuff" just happens. Coach Mick will turn these guys into monsters, regardless of injury history.
  • hammerthrowerhammerthrower Posts: 23 Freshman
    Meaning you have to be cautious about it . If a guy is injury prone in high school college is going to be rough on him . 
  • Buck2theboneBuck2thebone Posts: 5 Freshman
    It seems this is almost a pre-requisite for our RB's and WR's. OH, and one DE.
  • Buck2theboneBuck2thebone Posts: 5 Freshman
    If anything our track record with developing recruits with this injury should speak volumes for this young man, I wish him a speedy recovery.
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